Schedule of Upcoming Classes

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Spring Semester
February 16
   Level 1           AG History, Missions, and Governance
   Level 2           Systematic Theology
   Level 3           Pentateuch
   CL Track         AG History, Missions, and Governance
   BT/SG Track   Elective
March 16
   Level 1           Acts
   Level 2           Conflict Resolution
   Level 3           Discipleship & Disciple-Making
   CL Track         Conflict Resolution
   BT/SG Track   Discipleship & Disciple-Making
April 13
   Level 1           Ephesians
   Level 2           Old Testament Survey
   Level 3           Theology of Prayer and Worship
   CL Track         Elective
   BT/SG Track   Old Testament Survey
   Specialized     Media in Ministry
May 18
   Level 1           Personal Evangelism
   Level 2           Romans
   Level 3           Psalms
   CL Track         Personal Evangelism
   BT/SG Track   Elective
June 22
   Level 1           Spirit Empowered Churches
   Level 2           New Testament Survey
   Level 3           Pastoral Ministry
   CL Track         Spirit Empowered Churches
   BT/SG Track   New Testament Survey
Fall Semester
August 17
   Level 1           How to Interpret the Bible
   Level 2           Introduction to Homiletics
   Level 3           Church Admin., Finance & Law
   CL Track         Church Admin., Finance & Law
   BT/SG Track   How to Interpret the Bible
September 21
   Level 1           Life of Christ
   Level 2           Eschatology
   Level 3           Preaching in a Cultural Context
   CL Track         Life of Christ
   BT/SG Track   Elective
   Specialized     Youth Ministry
October 19
   Level 1           Introduction to Pentecostal Doctrine
   Level 2           Leadership Skills
   Level 3           Biblical Counseling
   CL Track         Leadership Skills
   BT/SG Track   Introduction to Pentecostal Doctrine
November 16
   Level 1           Ethics in Ministry
   Level 2           Introduction to AG Missions
   Level 3           Corinthian Correspondence
   CL Track         Elective
   BT/SG Track   Bible Studies & Small Group Ministry
   Specialized     Bible Studies & Small Group Ministry