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SPRING 2023 – FALL 2023

Spring Semester
February 25 (Virtual) 
   Level 1           AG History, Missions & Gov.
   Level 2           Acts*
   Level 3           Pentateuch
March 25 (In Person) 
   Level 1           Old Testament Survey*
   Level 2           Personal Evangelism*
   Level 3           Discipleship & Discipleship & Disciple-Making
April 22 (In Person) 
   Level 1           New Testament Survey*
   Level 2           Conflict Resolution
   Level 3           Theology of Prayer & Worship
May 20 (Virtual) 
   Level 1           Systematic Theology*
   Level 2           Prison Epistles*
   Level 3           Psalms
June 17 (Hybrid) 
   Level 1           Spirit-Empowered Church
   Level 2           Romans
   Level 3           Pastoral Ministry
Fall Semester
August 26 (Virtual) 
   Level 1           Ethics in Ministry
   Level 2           Introduction to Homiletics
   Level 3           Church Admin., Finance & Law
September 23 (In Person) 
   Level 1           Life of Christ
   Level 2           Eschatology
   Level 3           Preaching in a Cultural Context
October 21 (In Person) 
   Level 1           Introduction to Pentecostal Doctrine
   Level 2           Leadership Skills
   Level 3           Biblical Counseling
November 18 (Virtual) 
   Level 1          How to Interpret the Bible
   Level 2          Introduction to AG Missions
   Level 3          Corinthian Correspondence
NOTE: Virtual Classes may be held contingent upon the number of enrolled students as
well as extenuating circumstances such as restrictions on gatherings due to state and local guidelines. 
General Council Credentialing Requirements have changed for Levels 1 and 2. Students having completed Personal Evangelism, Acts, and/or Ephesians in Level 1 will need to complete Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, and/or Systematic Theology to fulfill their Level 2 requirement accordingly.