David W. Dillon

Superintendent, Appalachian District

© 2011

No matter what does or doesn't happen today, THE SUN WILL RISE TOMORROW!

Somewhere along the way the Lord shared this simple truth with me and I've clung to it ever since. In troubled and uncertain times, it's good to know that God is faithful to those that put their trust in Him, that He is willing and able to make us more like Himself and to watch over us until Jesus Christ returns. Paul talks about this in 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 and I love the way he drives the point home in verse 24: “The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it!”

This little truth also reminds me that, even if I don't get everything accomplished on today's to-do list, life—and yes, dare I say “ministry”—will go on. The church that Christ bled and died for and has sustained for over two millennia—and the ministry He has called me to do—will not cease to exist or operate without me or my labors; it will survive. That's not to say that what I'm doing for God or in the flow of ministry isn't important—because it is. It's just that it doesn't all depend on me…or you either.

May the Lord help each of us to prioritize the things in our lives so that they are in alignment with His priorities. Micah 6:8, referred to as “The Golden Rule of the Old Testament” and one of my favorite verses from that portion of The Book, asks a very simple and yet profound question, one that we need to remember and take heed to: “And what does the Lord require of you?” The answer is simple and straightforward: 1) “Act justly”; 2) “Love mercy”; and 3) “Walk humbly with your God.”

Question: How does God's to-do list compare to yours? Are you stressing about things, even things needing to bedone in the name of ministry, that have little Kingdom value or eternal significance? If you're like me, then you probably are. My prayer for all of us is that amidst all the busy-ness of life and ministry we will never forget to “seek first God's kingdom and His righteousness” (Matt. 6:33). Do your best to keep first things first and to keep the main thing the main thing. Let God set your agenda; don't be driven by the expectations of others. Do the work of God with humility and a spirit of service and sacrifice just as Jesus did (Phil. 2:3-8). Remember Who you will one day stand before to give account of your time and work here on earth. And last but not least, don't forget that THE SUN WILL RISE TOMORROW!